Investment Management

Discretionary Investment Management is available on a retainer basis freeing you of the burden of research, watching the markets, and making investment decisions. We typically manage investments only after a Roadmap for Retirement has been created, but in limited cases we may accept an engagement for Investment Management services only.

Management Fee

0.25% quarterly            up to $1,000,000 under management
negotiable                    on assets over $1,000,000

The fee covers discretionary management of your investment portfolio(s) using a tactical asset allocation approach rather than static portfolio models. We also provide additional benefits to management clients at no extra charge, such as:

  • Portal access where you can monitor multiple household accounts from one spot
  • Convenience of periodic review with us at your home or office for local clients (by phone or online for distant clients)
  • Routine updates to previous Retirement Planning conducted with us
  • Ongoing access to us for questions (email/phone)

The fee is a percentage of assets under management and payable at the end of each quarter. $250,000 minimum asset total for discretionary Investment Management. Minimums and service format may be negotiable on a case-by-case basis. Third party fees such as fund expenses or transaction charges are separate from the management fee charged by SecondHalf.

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