Hourly On-Demand Financial Advice™

We are also happy to accommodate requests for hourly On-Demand Financial Advice™ in the following areas:

  • Review your portfolio and make recommendations that you can implement
  • Explain in plain English how your 401(k), 403(b), or 457(b) retirement plan works and your investment options
  • Maximizing your Social Security or deciding when to claim a pension
  • Help getting your financial/tax/estate picture organized so you understand it better and how to efficiently manage it
  • 401(k) plan consulting and advice for the plan's sponsor
  • Review your income tax picture and recommend strategies to reduce your taxes
  • Objective "second opinion" on a financial product another advisor recommends
  • Specialized financial analysis on unusual projects
  • Analyzing life's risks and help determining how much insurance may be appropriate
  • Help choosing the employee benefit options that are best for you

$125 per hour         3 hour minimum, capped at agreed-upon maximum

A maximum project fee will be agreed in advance, with half due up front and the balance at conclusion. If we are not on retainer, you are encouraged to contact us again when you need planning updates or additional services.