Retirement Planning & Coaching

Planning for retirement (or financial independence) is not just about the money -- it's about getting the best life possible with the money you have. In fact, Return on Investment (ROI) should take a back seat to enjoying a great Return on Life™ (ROL).

We help you create a Roadmap for Retirement that harmonizes the life you want with what's possible given your financial resources. We also offer guided discovery in Retirement Coaching to help you address the non-financial factors that are critical to making the most of your life's second half.


Retirement Coaching includes:

  • A series of tools and exercises to help you reflect deeply on what you want your retirement to look like, including: 
    • envisioning what you want from life at this stage
    • your observations of other successful and unsuccessful retirements
    • purposeful work and engagement (paid or unpaid)
    • how your personality and preferences interface with financial independence
    • coordinating expectations with spouse or significant other, if applicable
  • 2-3 in-person meetings to discuss your results together and any focus areas that will be important to your successful retirement.
  • A follow-up by phone or email after the final meeting to review progress, answer questions, and provide additional guidance on the path forward.

Roadmap for Retirement includes:

  • Broad review of your financial picture (spending plan, Social Security, pension, investments, retirement accounts, healthcare/Medicare, tax, estate, other).
  • Create a retirement spending plan and "stress test" it for sustainability.
  • Recommendations on areas needing attention and a checklist of action steps.
  • In-person meeting to review findings together and create your Roadmap.
  • 30-day portal access to Roadmap (no limit if you retain our ongoing services).
  • 30-day email access to us for questions (no time limit if you retain us).


Retirement Coaching &
Roadmap for Retirement            
                usually $2,200-$3,500

Roadmap for Retirement (standalone)           usually $1,200-$2,500


Once your Roadmap has been created, periodic review is important to help you stay on track and make any mid-course corrections that may be needed. You may also have questions or financial issues that arise from time to time. We offer two options for retaining our ongoing advice and help:

Retirement Planning Retainer                starting at $300 quarterly

This option is for those wanting ongoing access to our advice and periodic plan check-up, but who prefer to manage their own investments.

  • Annual Retirement Planning check-up and update to Roadmap for Retirement.
  • Ongoing access to us for questions (email/phone).
  • Online Retirement Planning portal for account linking and real-time updates.
  • Other services as mutually agreed.

Investment Management Retainer        (see fee schedule)

Clients who retain our Investment Management services after Retirement Planning receive additional benefits (beyond just Investment Management) at no extra charge, including routine updates to their Roadmap for Retirement.

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